We're Launching Microsoft Teams!

We're Launching Microsoft Teams!
This is the image for the news article titled We're Launching Microsoft Teams!Get started with a Microsoft Teams demo

Watch these interactive demos to learn more about key features, tips, and tricks.

MS Teams Basics
Learn how to create and manage MS Teams and channels, chat with your team members using @mentions, turn on language translation, and share files. Click here to start the demo!

Meetings & Chats
Learn how to transition from a chat to a call for deeper collaboration, manage calendar invites, join a meeting directly in MS Teams, and use background effects. Click here to start the demo!

Tips & Tricks
Learn how to set your availability status, stay up to date with the activity feed, and create group chats and coauthor shared files for real-time collaboration. Click here to start the demo!

How to Use MS Teams – General Resources
Microsoft TEAMS logo

General setup of your Team(s)

  1. Set up your Teams and Channels in MS Teams 8 Minutes
  2. Stop Students from Muting & Removing each other from a TEAM MEETING 3.5 Minutes
  3. Tricks that help improve your work flow and productivity 13 Minutes
  4. Virtual Background to keep attention of students 3 Minutes
  5. Create a Private channel in MS Teams 4.5 Minutes
  6. Teams general over view of all MS Teams' features and buttons 45 Minutes

Different ways to create break out rooms

  1. Creating your BREAK OUT rooms 4 Minutes
  2. Setting up BREAK OUT Sessions 9 Minutes
  3. BREAK OUT rooms a deeper dive in and explanation 27 Minutes

Scheduling meetings

  1. How to Schedule in MS Teams 7 Minutes

General Usage ideas

  1. How to use MS Teams for Remote and Online learning 12 Minutes
  2. Using FORMS in your classroom to give quizzes & collect information 8 Minutes
  3. Assignments for students to get returned work from students 12 Minutes

Recording in MS Teams

  1. How to Record your MS Teams Meeting (and share the video!) 5 Minutes
  2. Use Camtasia to create recordings for your Classes and other audiences 8 Minutes

Quick Guides & Cheat Sheets

Get more out of MS Teams with these features

Use @mentions to call a team member’s attention and to stay on top of your action items by filtering your Activity Feed. Click here to learn more.

Post Types
Start conversations and make announcements in one or multiple channels simultaneously. Save messages to easily find information later. Click here to learn more.

Rich Text Editing
Deliver clear messages using titles, bullet points, links, and quotes. Format text with highlight, italics, and more. Click here to learn more.

Chat Translation
Support global collaboration and ensure everyone has a voice with inline message translation. Click here to learn more.

GIFs & Stickers
Share your personality, opinions, and emotions with GIFs, stickers, and emojis in messages. Click here to learn more.

Priority Notifications
Mark messages as important to call someone’s attention or as urgent to send recurring notifications. Click here to learn more.

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